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Memories that last a lifetime. Friendships that never end

“Firgun” is a Hebrew word which means the simple, unselfish joy that something good has happened to someone else. We at Firgun Travels work hard to living by it’s true meaning and deliver such joy to all our clients on every single trip. Whether you’re seeking thrills and excitement, peace and serenity, a local trip or one abroad – we have something for everyone.

We ensure that all our clients that come on our group trips feel safe, have a sense of belonging and hope they find and experience what they are looking for. Not only will you go home with memories of the place we visit, but you would have created lifelong memories with the people you meet, amazing bonds with like-minded strangers and the “sukoon” that travel brings with it.

As we say and stand by :-

“It’s Not About Where You Go, But Who You Travel With!”
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"It’s not about where you go, It’s about who you travel with"

Our Story

After having lived the much expected systemetic corporate lives, Kajal and Anany took to travel in the zest to explore life, its purpose and many more things besides money and success.

Their journeys, travelogues, stories are seemingly very different from each other. Exactly like the reasons that prompted to leave their well-steady jobs to travel.

While Anany was growing indifferent to stability that was kicking in with his monthly salaries, Kajal’s life turned around 360 degrees with what life threw at her.

Both of them didn’t want to settle into mundane routines, tied to places, or deal with anything remotely anchoring them to one particular thing. They wanted to carve their own dreams into realities.

In August 2021, both were travelling across Kashmir with a travel company with two different group of strangers. As fate had it, they crossed paths on Tarsar-Marsar trek.

While trekking someone asked why did they take that trip and both blurted out travel in unison and smiled.

There are no coincidences, are there? What looked like a 5 minute crossover back then was much more than they thought their meeting would be.

The trip ended and eventually their contact restricted to Instagram. A traveller to another in the bloggers’ world. Until, another random trip happened to Rishikesh. This time with just 2 more people who they call one of their biggest assets from travel.

It was in Rishikesh that they connected, shared their ideas of travelling, dreams, aspirations besides food and laughter at the backdrop of magnanimous Laxman Jhula!

Their simillarities as to how they looked at the world were so synchronous that it bud a common dream for them. Somewhere they knew, but it had to take some kind of tangible form. They not only wanted to travel themselves, but also introduce the travel bug to people around them, to the world.

Rishikesh was followed by a trip to Mulki, where Anany spent a month learning to surf. Kajal joined him later and they started weaving a common path for them together.

But fate had other plans for them. On the fourth day in Mulki, Kajal got her knee dislocated and was advised bed rest for the following six months. She went down the road of recovery while Anany, kept travelling from one place to another alongside leading trips.

Then admits the third wave, most unexpectedly Rishikesh happened again. No coincidences, remember?

In the same pace where the dream was initiated for the first time, they met again. They led the trip together and by the end of it realised that there is nothing else they will rather do and there is no one they want to do it with. Let’s just say Rishikesh spelled its divine magic, “eh?

But hey, did I tell you that they keep saying “It’s not about the place, but always about the people”.

This marked the making of Firgun Travels. A travel company striving to create a safe place where people could open up without any judgement, lay bare their souls, befriend their insecurities, overcome challenges just like Anany and Kajal did on the trek.

At Firgun travels, they want to introduce the world to the beauty of travelling, the kindness in the hearts of strangers who you will meet and end up bonding with them for a lifetime.


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