A letter to the parents who are worried about their daughters travelling

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A letter to the parents who are worried about their daughters travelling

Hello sir/ma’am,

I know that you are worried about your daughter travelling.
You are not wrong.
The society out there is definitely a little scary.
There are gazes at times, there are questions asked by others, there are risks involved too.

But sir/ma’am, your daughter needs this.
She needs to get out and explore the world as well as herself.
She needs to meet new people, she needs to understand life better by interacting with strangers, she needs to gain that confidence. She really needs thisss..

She needs happiness.
Isn’t that what you want too??

Also, there are a lot of us men out there who want her to feel safe when she walks out.
There are some who want to listen to what she has to express.
There are some who will respect her space.
There are some who want her to gain trust in the society.

She is going to be with safe people when she goes out, she is going to feel welcomed and loved by strangers, she will make friends. She will smile, she will aspire and she will find her strength to fly.
She will find a friend who’ll stay.
She will find a passion that will make her heart beat.

Just picture her smiling widely in a slo motion video. Just picture that.

– Anany Shukla